Suwa rib (electronic book site)
Shinshu Suwa oldness and donation
Suwa-shi disaster prevention weather information system
Suwa-shi formula Facebook
Suwa-shi consumer service center
Suwa City elementary and junior high school portal site
Ichiko Suwa bringing up site
We do Suwa de
SUWA premium
Emigration, domiciliation support site
Suwa-shi unoccupied house bank
Fireworks of Lake Shinshu Suwa
Hazard map
My number social security, tax number system
Japan Minute!
Company support information of Suwa-shi
General National highway No. 20
The convenience store certificate grant operation situation
Suwa-shi panorama tour
My town guide

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Tourist brochure mail request
Report of start of water supply
Report of stop of water supply
Notice of death of dog
Wooden house earthquake proofing diagnosis application
We stop by and apply for private supplementary school
Event reporting
Group information publication application
Link setting application
Approach introduction of the National Tax Agency